How to create a Shutdown tile on the Start screen in Windows 8

In Windows 8, without a Start button, properly shutting down or rebooting Windows can be a bit of a chore. Many users want to shut down or reboot Windows in just one click. This video illustrates the script to enable users to click on a tile to shut down, reboot or log off Windows on the Start screen.

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JPTech1111 (684 Days ago)
Use this link as it has a download shortcut for the script file.
JPTech1111 (686 Days ago)
I installed Windows 8.1 Why haven't the Shutdown, Log Off and Restart Tiles been added to the Windows 8.1 Start Screen? Also add the option to Shutdown, Log Off or Restart to the Windows 8.1 Desktop. While your at it also add an All Programs or All Apps Icon to the Windows 8.1 Desktop.
JPTech1111 (686 Days ago)
Several problems with this video. 1) You don't state where we can download the script file CreateWindowsTile.psml from. 2) You don't state to create and place the script file into a folder named c:\script 3) You don't state how to pin Windows PowerShell to the Task Bar. 4) You don't state to right click on the Windows PowerShell icon to select Run As Administrator. 5) None of the Download sample code links work. 6) I tried to Post a comment and that does not seem to work either.

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