Product Activation in Windows 7

This demo will show you why activating Windows is important, how to activate Windows, and what notifications you will receive until Windows has been properly activated.

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vangryer (466 Days ago)
yer know, it's like there isn't one of them understands how people use a pc. back again looking to activate MY PAID FOR SOFTWARE. totally genuine, still i get "invalid" - it's riddiculas. every little machine change and gone, start over. drives me insane. and you try contacting microsoft - not a chance
Wally (788 Days ago)
I paid good money for a product {Windows 7 Ultimate } that I have been using for a couple of years.
Now all of a sudden my Product Key is not valid or illegal or something. No satisfaction trying to get sense out of Product Support.
But, I have learnt one thing, I will NEVER buy Windows again.
A Mac looks rather good now.

mami (828 Days ago)
can someone please help me?!? ok we bought our viao about 2 years ago it was dropped and got screwed up so we got it fixed. of course we lost all our info including our windows product key, and i've been all over looking for a solution. i read one way was to find it on the computer but i'm just not that computer savvy to know where and i am NOT paying money for something i already have. help
arjun (1937 Days ago)
any one plz send windows7 ultimate activation key
OHOH (1945 Days ago)
So a couple weeks of lovin my Activated and Validated Win 7 and now I'm informed by a pop-up that my Dell bought Win7 is not Genuine, and have a watermark on my desktop. I used Magical Jellybean and reviewed the key against what's on my COA sticker.. and it's a different key. no big suprise, since it was a dell machine.. So I dutifully plug in the key from my sticker, and I get rejected. Now I have to get on the good old telephone and dick around with pushing buttons. This isn't looking good. Lucky I didn't move my employees to 7 eh?
dede9102 (1998 Days ago)
bonjour, j'ai installer W7 d'essai au mois de juillet ,faut t'il que j'achète une clé où pas car au départ la version était gratuite
angelo1948 (2022 Days ago)
fiz o downloads direto do windows e estou sendo informado que sou vitima de uma copia pirata, como pode ser se nem lançado foi (
180 days ago win7 rc1 (2024 Days ago)
Robert C (45 days ago) I have entered my product key tha it gives me a error message
nobel2 (2029 Days ago)
can some please give me windows 7 ultimate activation key
Dave C (2029 Days ago)
Nothing works. Hello LinuxMint.
Dave C (2029 Days ago)
What a pain.
WillH (2064 Days ago)
I just reinstalled 7 rc and now i get activation warnings
I have my productkey now (2069 Days ago)
kingcole..Please assist . Where do I enter the product key which I now have.It is now 3 days since I ran W7 alongside Vista
Robert C (2069 Days ago)
I have entered my product key tha it gives me a error message after about 30 seconds

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