Installing and Configuring EMET

The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, or EMET for short, is yet another great tool offered by Microsoft that helps keep your computer protected. Dustin Childs from Microsoft Trustworthy Computing demonstrates how you can install and configure EMET, even on your home PC.

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bromberg (406 Days ago)
I just installed EMET version 4 and the above
"Installing and Configuring EMET" video does not apply. Do you have a corresponding video for version 4?
TG99 (673 Days ago)
I run EMET 3.0 at the office and at home, but am unsure if I should deploy it across the company.

EMET 3.5 has been in "tech preview" since 7/2012 and neither 3.0 nor 3.5 downloads state that they support Window 8 or Server 2012.

In short, it is unclear if EMET was a nice idea that is now gathering dust (think MBSA), or is actively being developed.

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