Introducing Windows 8

Introducing Windows 8 video is an overview video that is used on websites to assist product awareness of Windows 8 features.

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xosn (367 Days ago)
Nin0 (795 Days ago)
electrifying!!! im ready to complete my Microsoft circle. XBOX, check, Laptop, check, and windows 7.5 nokia, check. im ready for the Nokia 920 to upgrade the windows 8, explorer 10+ a shiny Surface Pro. Almost there, cant wait.
skateboy121578 (796 Days ago)
Amazing! I am a *** boy for windows even though i am 11. i have been counting down from my birthday which was on 21 October. i was going around saying '5 days to go.' I am going to get a windows 8 tablet no matter what!!
Aunnikaina (797 Days ago)
And where are the social share buttons?
Aunnikaina (797 Days ago)
How much? and will w7 be much cheaper now? how about some real facts not just flash.
Amose (797 Days ago)
Windows Re-imagined. Go Microsoft! =)
dreamtheater39 (797 Days ago)
Love the windows 8 ads! :)
Go Microsoft, spread the awesomeness - the world really needs it from all the fruity garbage that plagues it :P

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