How Do I: Create a Silverlight Photo Gallery in Expression Media 2

Expression Media 1 and 2 can generate an HTML photo gallery containingf all media assets in a catalog. Expression Media 2 comes with a theme enabling you to generate a Silverlight photo gallery. In this video, Todd Miranda demonstrates how to generate a Silverlight photo gallery and the differences between it and HTML galleries.

Viewer comments

Disappointed (2044 Days ago)
Audio is bad - and I am most interested in this video lesson
jirvin (2133 Days ago)
create a silverlight photo gallery with em2 video is still terrible.
hpzd7000 (2166 Days ago)
This video is totally corrupted, you'd think Microsoft would fix it.
mnadig (2227 Days ago)
Yup. Sounds like someone pinged the cheese with the bandwitdh :) Bummer -
LexJet (2244 Days ago)
Where is the audio? The audio cuts in and out. Looks like a great demonstration but I would like to hear the feedback as the presenter speaks.

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