Migrating Microsoft Access Applications to SQL Azure

In this tutorial Steve Yi walks through the migration of a Microsoft Access 2010 expense application to SQL Azure. When done, Steve is able to use Microsoft Access 2010 and have his data live in SQL Azure in the cloud.

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Azuredata (565 Days ago)
hi, Thanks you for the wonderful video. Do we still have SQL Azure Database manager? What is the new name in the updated version?

Can you also please explain the basic usability of the current version of Azure screens?

Help4Access (1186 Days ago)
Great video. Thank you. We have just finished our first migration to Azure and the performance is good.

Last week we ported a Microsoft Access application to the iPhone an iPad 2.

Demo at:

Ward (1494 Days ago)
A great introduction, I learned a trick or two by just watching. I was confused by the number of logons I had to do to Azure and the last one was giving me a problem and I noticed that he logged in using the password@server format.

Now can you crank it up a notch and show us how to migrate new components to the Azure. I like to develop new components of my applications as local tables in Access and once the component has been tested and I know I do not have to modify the table structure I move it to the server then link the table. How about a video on Linking Access to Azure.

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