Productivity Future Vision

Microsoft’s long-term productivity vision explores how we will create and share content; collaborate across teams, organizations and networks; and gain contextually relevant insights based on preferences and intent. Each scene showcases real technologies being explored by Microsoft teams and partners and others in the industry. To see current prototypes we are exploring, go to

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AIAPGO2010 (1429 Days ago)
Mult-Touch Screens in classrooms Digital Boarding Pass Glass Displays
Swiffer25 (1707 Days ago)
"The Future Is Touch" Make a copyright fast! Sounds like a really good slogan ;) Looks great, but power is expensive and not infinite......
aref (1718 Days ago)
Rooster (1748 Days ago)
Wow, plays on Windows 7 just fine. I wonder how much of this is already in the pipeline?
BenM666 (1948 Days ago)
Frankly, I can't even get Windows Vista to buffer and play this video of the future. I'd love to believe that this will happen one day, but since you can't even make computers that work now, you've got a lot of catching up to do....
Tee (1962 Days ago)
Looks like the future is touch.
Halo2redvsblue (1967 Days ago)
WOW....I really Hope This is the future...for some reason this video make me cry a little because how much we changed in so litle time.

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