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As the largest telecommunications provider in Switzerland, Swisscom deployed Microsoft Lync to its entire 15,000 users for enhanced collaboration and voice capabilities. As a result, Swisscom is responding to RFP 20% faster, decommissioned all 94 PBX's, and experienced a total of $17M in cost savings across telephony ops, avoidance of PBX upgrade and travel expenses.

5 Time: 1:55

July 11, 2014

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Visit a store of the future where integrated handheld devices and store systems provide a more personalized, streamlined shopping experience. This video was created in 2004. To see and download current prototypes we are exploring to help us realize this future vision, go to

5 Time: 2:28

February 20, 2009

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Envision how emerging technologies, evolving trends, and global change might come together to improve our lives at work and home across multiple real life scenarios. To see and download current prototypes we are exploring to help us realize this future vision, go to

4 Time: 1:54

March 05, 2009

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Imagine a banking experience where you’re always connected to your finances, banks are empowered to anticipate your needs, and transactions are seamless through predictive technologies – whether you’re in the branch, at home, or on the go. This video was created in 2005. To see and download current prototypes we are exploring to help us realize this future vision, go to

4 Time: 2:49

February 20, 2009

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Seth Patton, Senior Director of Microsoft Project gives an overview of Microsoft Project 2010

3 Time: 6:21

November 24, 2009

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Blaine Wastell and Bob Brumfield explore what's happening with Prism 2 for building composite applications.

2 Time: 58:29

November 09, 2009

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Software Design Engineer in Test - Optimizer

1 Time: 1:24

December 02, 2009

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Uses project/portfolio server/SharePoint for managing IT projects, portfolio analysis, part of TAP (technical adaption program) tested 2010. Most excited about integration with project/portfolio server. 3 words for 2010 - integration, collaboration, easy to use.

1 Time: 2:00

November 25, 2009

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Software Development Engineer in Test - Custom fields for client and server

1 Time: 1:57

November 24, 2009

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"Service Providers and Microsoft in action – a winning combination" - Paul Schuman, Director Business Strategy Hosting & Service Provider, Microsoft and Eugene H. Saburi, General Manager, Cloud OS Marketing, Server & Tools Division, Microsoft

0 Time: 34:28

April 16, 2014

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"Transform your datacenter with the Microsoft cloud platform for service providers" - Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Windows Server and System Center Program Management, Microsoft

0 Time: 43:34

April 16, 2014

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In this week's webinar you’ll learn about nifty tips and timesavers from Microsoft MVPs. These “Most Valuable Professionals” share their real-world technical expertise with the community. We have a few tips and may even have a few stop on by to chat as we broadcast from their annual summit in Redmond, Washington.

0 Time: 16:54

April 04, 2013

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IllumiShare enables remote people to share any physical or digital object on any surface. It is a low-cost, peripheral device that looks like a desk lamp, and just like a lamp lights up a surface at which it is pointed, IllumiShare shares a surface.

0 Time: 2:50

March 22, 2012

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Deploying EMP solutions and consulting. Most excited about integration of project/portfolio management, share point integration.

0 Time: 1:31

November 25, 2009

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