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This is the fourth episode of the reality series Be the Next Microsoft Employee

5 Time: 13:45

August 13, 2012

Views: 11

The second episode in the reality series Be the Next Microsoft Employee

5 Time: 12:59

July 30, 2012

Views: 7,236

First episode of the first Microsoft Reality show, "Be the Next Microsoft Employee"

5 Time: 14:43

July 23, 2012

Views: 3,325

While the internet has kept up with ever-changing needs, the way we experience it hasn't, until now! Welcome to a more beautiful web with Internet Explorer 9. Internet Explorer delivers a more beautiful web by using the full capabilities of Windows and PC hardware so your websites and applications are as immersive as the native applications running on your PC.

4 Time: 1:42

June 22, 2013

Views: 53,221

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is one of the world’s frontline humanitarian agencies fighting and combating against hunger worldwide. They are on the ground right after an emergency breaks, providing the food and water to sustain the lives of people around the world. They often operate in very remote locations, and a key component of being able to provide these services is the ability to communicate quickly. The Twisted Pair WAVE® solution built on the Microsoft OCS platform enables WFP workers the ability to communicate between PC, radio, mobile phones, around the world.

3 Time: 3:34

January 03, 2013

Views: 1,742

When you need to click in and do more with Surface.

3 Time: 0:38

October 23, 2012

Views: 103,632

Blaine Wastell and Bob Brumfield explore what's happening with Prism 2 for building composite applications.

2 Time: 58:29

November 09, 2009

Views: 1,275

"Transform your datacenter with the Microsoft cloud platform for service providers" - Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Windows Server and System Center Program Management, Microsoft

0 Time: 43:34

April 16, 2014

Views: 149

This video tells the story of Suad, a young female refugee-where she's from and why she fled, how long she's been in the camp, and what life is like here. She describes her yearning for education, her aspirations, how she's currently using technology to learn 21st century skills, how this will empower her toward self sufficiency, and what this means for her family and community. CGI - Clinton Global Initiative

0 Time: 1:15

January 03, 2013

Views: 160

Supporting Micro-business in Latin America is critical to economic development. The single biggest source of jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean; some 50 million microenterprises provide employment to 120 million people, generating nearly two-thirds of the regions GDP. The Micronet program is the result of an alliance between the World Bank and Microsoft, providing technology support to entrepreneurs. A local coffee exporter saw its exports double with the help of skills learned from the Micronet Centre in Quenca, Ecuador.

0 Time: 3:16

January 03, 2013

Views: 57

Enabling opportunities for people with disabilities in Latin America, the OAS POETA program, implemented in partnership with Microsoft, helps people with disabilities gain access to ICT and related skills to foster economic development and employment. In this video we visit a POETA center in Quito, learn from some of the participants how the center is helping them and discuss the program with the Secretary General of OAS and the Vice President of Ecuador.

0 Time: 2:35

January 03, 2013

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Fostering government capacity building in Latin America, the George Washington School of Political Management together with Microsoft and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru in Lima are educating politicians on the use of ICT in many facets of politics and good governance. The program has trained over 1,000 politicians in Latin America and is expanding to Spain and Russia. The Mayor of Milaflores in Peru, a graduate of the program, has spearheaded innovative ICT programs to deliver improved services to citizens.

0 Time: 3:04

January 03, 2013

Views: 113

Microsoft and its partners including the Organization of American States, the Inter-American development Bank and the World Bank are working together to implement programs to help people in the region benefit from access to ICT and related skills. Programs including POETA, Micronet and the Virtual Institute are helping to transform education, foster innovation and enable economic and social opportunities in the region.

0 Time: 13:01

January 03, 2013

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An initiative championed by the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, HIV-Free Generation, or HFG, is a global public private partnership launched in 2008 to develop methods to reduce the HIV infection rate of youth at risk by 50%. As a part of this initiative, Warner Brothers developed an computer game called “Pamoja Mtaani” meaning “Together in the Hood.” The aim of the game, built on a Microsoft platform, is to change HIV risk perception, attitudes and behaviour.

0 Time: 5:15

January 03, 2013

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In 2010, Burkina Faso hosted the 3rd Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Best Practices Forum, attended by over 300 government and corporate leaders from 55 countries. Cybersecurity was the theme of this year’s forum, with much attention given to cloud computing strategies. H.E. Blaise Campaore, President of Burkina Faso, Dr. Cheick Modibo Diarra, Microsoft Chairman of Africa, and Dr. Hamadoun Touré, Secretary General, ITU (International Telecommunications Union), each offer their insights into how Africa can share best practices in the ICT sector to facilitate the region’s development.

0 Time: 5:11

January 03, 2013

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