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A 30-second sneak peek at our 15-Minute webinar touring SharePoint Online.

5 Time: 0:34

June 11, 2013

Views: 159

SkyDrive is not just for your web browser. You also can download a handy desktop app that syncs your SkyDrive files to your PC or Mac. With the app, files you store in SkyDrive will automatically download to your computer, and those same files will sync to SkyDrive when you update them on your desktop.

5 Time: 15:42

May 22, 2013

Views: 116

You can access and share Office documents with browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Learn some of the basics and the latest features of these free tools.

5 Time: 14:10

April 18, 2013

Views: 123

In a world of multiple schedules, datebooks, and timetables, Outlook can help you consolidate all of your digital calendars so you can view your entire week in one place. In this week's 15-minute webinar, we'll go over ways to view and share your calendar with others.

5 Time: 12:41

March 19, 2013

Views: 188

It's true that you can create PowerPoint presentations without using Slide Masters or even knowing what they are, but they save so much time and effort that we think you'll be glad to know about them. In this week's webinar, we'll show you how to master the Slide Master--a built-in tool that controls the look of your PowerPoint presentation and keeps it consistent throughout.

5 Time: 13:40

March 01, 2013

Views: 170

This webinar was shot during a talk at the MVP Summit on the Microsoft campus. We spotlighted customers’ favorite new features in Office 365 Home Premium including guides to line up art, and a way to crack open a PDF.

5 Time: 12:40

February 27, 2013

Views: 203

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you'd better get the details right. In this week's webinar we'll explain the tools in PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook that can make a picture look great.

5 Time: 15:22

January 16, 2013

Views: 220

A quick peek at the Office 15-Minute Webinar on how to present meetings and share documents remotely.

5 Time: 0:32

November 30, 2012

Views: 59

Emergencies happen. You can't get to your meeting in person, but if you can get online, you can still use Office to be an active part of it. At this webinar--broadcast from a coffee shop--we'll show you tools in Office for remotely presenting a PowerPoint deck, sharing documents, and connecting with others while you're on the go.

5 Time: 14:27

November 30, 2012

Views: 48

A restaurant can become a workplace using Lync, SkyDrive, and Office Mobile with a Windows Phone. In this short video, Doug Thomas shows you how meetings and even an emergency at the office can be handled via mobile.

5 Time: 3:25

January 22, 2012

Views: 1,542

With Office you can change the look of your ribbon and interface. In this short video, Doug Thomas shows you how and why you can change your color scheme.

5 Time: 1:37

May 02, 2011

Views: 3,216

Access is a bit of a mystery, but using the database tool unleashes powerful customization tools to make data--like your contact list--more specific for your needs. Let Doug Thomas show you in this short video using a free Contacts Database template from Office. com.

5 Time: 4:11

November 15, 2010

Views: 73,949

The way you use your computer sure has changed since Office 2003 debuted 8 years ago. In this short video, Doug Thomas shows you some of the tools in Office 2010 that can easily make you a wizard with photos and video, plus make decisions faster.

4 Time: 3:13

November 05, 2013

Views: 1,782

We’ll show you how to mark tasks complete, and we’ll run some reports that can give you an idea of what’s on time and what’s not. We’ll also explain a couple of key concepts on the way too: critical tasks and baselines.

4 Time: 16:26

October 08, 2013

Views: 25

Here's some surefire ways to organize a report and some tricks to send a smart looking report in Outlook. Doug Thomas shows you how he uses OneNote and Word to quickly organize a team report and send it in an Outlook email in this short video.

4 Time: 6:31

August 12, 2013

Views: 4,791