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The way you use your computer sure has changed since Office 2003 debuted 8 years ago. In this short video, Doug Thomas shows you some of the tools in Office 2010 that can easily make you a wizard with photos and video, plus make decisions faster.

4 Time: 3:13

November 05, 2013

Views: 1,782

Here's some surefire ways to organize a report and some tricks to send a smart looking report in Outlook. Doug Thomas shows you how he uses OneNote and Word to quickly organize a team report and send it in an Outlook email in this short video.

4 Time: 6:31

August 12, 2013

Views: 4,791

With Office Outlook 2010, you can easily connect your Internet email account to send and receive messages in Outlook. You can configure your email account in Outlook automatically or manually. This video shows how to set up your Internet email account in Outlook.

5 Time: 3:36

September 09, 2012

Views: 107,916

Many of us are no longer tied to our desks. In this short video, Doug Thomas shows us how the Office Web Apps and Office 2010 deliver excellent tools for working remotely, including co-authoring documents, and broadcasting presentations.

0 Time: 3:23

October 18, 2011

Views: 4,246

Here's a way to get reminders about all the cool things you do with Office 2010: the Getting Started screensaver. Really? A screensaver? Yes, and let Doug Thomas show you how it works in this short video.

3 Time: 2:05

July 13, 2011

Views: 1,190

Need to know which version of Office you are working with? In this short video, Doug Thomas shows you how to find out with just a glance if you have Office 2010 or another version.

0 Time: 1:08

June 01, 2011

Views: 1,517

Use the Word 2010 screenshot tool to insert a screen capture or a cropped portion of a screen capture directly into your Word document.

0 Time: 1:20

February 14, 2011

Views: 2,218

Access is a bit of a mystery, but using the database tool unleashes powerful customization tools to make data--like your contact list--more specific for your needs. Let Doug Thomas show you in this short video using a free Contacts Database template from Office. com.

5 Time: 4:11

November 15, 2010

Views: 73,949

Doug's PowerPoint slides are boring. Ron's are not. Doug started with a blank PowerPoint slide. Ron started with a group of professionally made templates from called PPT165. See how you can use these fabulous slides at

0 Time: 1:43

November 12, 2010

Views: 9,453

Doug has a problem with keeping his notes organized. Ron has the solution: OneNote. With the built-in templates note taking is a snap, along with other fringe benefits, as Doug discovers. See more about OneNote templates at

0 Time: 1:43

November 12, 2010

Views: 2,478

See how to add a caption to a photograph in a Word document and then create a table of figures.

0 Time: 2:04

November 09, 2010

Views: 3,737

OneNote 2010 has a new feature allowing OneNote to stick to other projects. In this short video Doug Thomas shows you Linked Notes.

4 Time: 1:34

October 29, 2010

Views: 4,724

With OneNote, multiple folks can all be sharing the same information online. Doug Thomas shows you how including using the free OneNote Web App in this short video.

0 Time: 2:52

October 29, 2010

Views: 4,442

Mail Merge is not an easy as "click this button," it's more like using a recipe to cook a meal. In this short video, Doug Thomas shows you how to cook with Mail Merge in Word while importing contacts from any email program.

0 Time: 4:57

October 28, 2010

Views: 4,661

The planning calendar is a mess. See how Doug and Ron use Office Web Apps and an Excel template (2011 Year Long Calendar) to coordinate the year and coauthor the calendar online. See more about Office Web Apps at (Episode 45)

0 Time: 2:07

October 25, 2010

Views: 1,827