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This video shows you how Kinect for Windows can bring the retail experience to life. All of these stores use digital signs equipped with Kinect for Windows which help the retailers to attract the customer's attention, educate them about your products, and help move that customer through the cycle to close a sale.

5 Time: 2:46

December 04, 2013

Views: 59

This video presents a different approach to attracting and educating a customer. The featured product is a vacation package at a ski resort, which has chosen a large screen format as a good way to feature resort information and highlight the beauty and visual detail of their offering.

5 Time: 2:18

December 04, 2013

Views: 78

Ravi Komatireddy, co-founder and chief medical officer at Reflexion Health (in San Diego), explains how Reflexion Health’s solution uses Kinect for Windows to transform physical therapy. By tracking a patient’s range of motion and other clinical data, clinicians can engage with patients and provide them with real-time feedback as they perform their exercises at home.

0 Time: 2:17

April 02, 2014

Views: 2,808

Freak'n Genius CEO, Kyle Kesterson and CTO, Dwayne Mercredi, describe how their YAKiT application uses Kinect for Windows skeletal tracking to create fun animations in real time. With Kinect for Windows, a limited webcam app becomes a premium avateering solution with the ability to animate a character with fully articulated joints and limbs.

0 Time: 2:49

April 02, 2014

Views: 2,431

Developers are excited to bring their apps to the Windows Store for the first time this summer following the release of Kinect for Windows v2, with its improved precision, responsiveness, and intuitive capabilities.

0 Time: 1:49

April 02, 2014

Views: 2,044

This features Kinect for Windows in a different retail setting - a toy store. Not only does it demonstrate the ability to engage two people at once, it also shows off the cool Kinect Fusion scanning features that can be used as part of a retail experience.

0 Time: 2:22

December 04, 2013

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Kinect for Windows helps companies transform their products, their processes, their brands, and their businesses with voice and gesture by making it easier and more natural for humans and computers to interact.

0 Time: 2:54

September 04, 2013

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