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Blend for Visual Studio 2012 is a powerful tool when building Windows Store Applications using HTML5 and JavaScript. | Blend for Visual Studio 2012 is a powerful tool when building XAML based Windows Store Applications.

5 Time: 2:41

February 14, 2013

Views: 2,978

Visual Studio 2012 includes a number of powerful, built-in tools for debugging DirectX and Direct3d applications.

2 Time: 2:45

September 09, 2012

Views: 1,796

The coded UI testing facility in Visual Studio 2012 can help to increase the quality of your code by automating dynamic tests against your UI.

1 Time: 1:42

February 19, 2013

Views: 2,023

The architecture explorer in Visual Studio 2012 is a powerful tool to help you understand your code and how it is connected.

1 Time: 1:30

September 09, 2012

Views: 2,909

The new Team Explorer in Visual Studio 2012 provides a new UI and new functionality which makes you more efficient when interacting with your team, or doing your daily work.

0 Time: 1:35

February 14, 2013

Views: 736

Requesting and collecting feedback using the Feedback Client for TFS is extremely useful, especially when you can’t be in the room with your users to collect detailed and targeted feedback from your end-users.

0 Time: 2:07

February 14, 2013

Views: 510

The Visual Studio 2012 PowerPoint Storyboarding template provides you with a great way to create a shared story between your developers and stakeholders, helping to increase the chances of a successful project.

0 Time: 2:35

February 14, 2013

Views: 2,330

The new backlog management features of Team Web Access in Visual Studio 2012 make planning and forecasting your team’s work even easier by providing a simple to use, easily accessible, current look into the progress of your team.

0 Time: 1:49

February 14, 2013

Views: 2,016

The layer diagram in Visual Studio 2012 provides you with a visual way to create your encapsulation in a visual way, and still enforce it against your actual code.

0 Time: 1:31

February 14, 2013

Views: 2,046

Visual Studio’s rich support for UML modeling allows you to create and store models right along with your code and helps you to make the connection between visualization and code quality.

0 Time: 1:54

February 14, 2013

Views: 2,404

Visual Studio 2012 reduces the deployment friction when building local or cloud based web applications.

0 Time: 1:37

February 14, 2013

Views: 421

Visual Studio 2012 with its SharePoint and Office features gives me the power to enhance user’s experiences by creating quality additions to the Office family of products.

0 Time: 2:13

February 14, 2013

Views: 928

Visual Studio 2012 is great at building many different types of applications, and it continues to provide the best way to build applications for the Windows Desktop.

0 Time: 1:28

February 14, 2013

Views: 1,175

LightSwitch provides a new tool in Visual Studio 2012 to create rich web based Line of Business applications.

0 Time: 2:03

February 14, 2013

Views: 1,754

The built-in refactoring features in Visual Studio 2012 cover many of the common refactoring tasks you’ll want to accomplish as you are building your application and striving for code quality.

0 Time: 2:19

February 14, 2013

Views: 1,251