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A lot of email messages you get don’t need a response, and don't even need to be read right away, especially messages from large distribution lists. Renee shows Harry how to set up rules in Outlook that route email from those lists to special folders, to be read at a time that Harry schedules in his regular routine. (Part 6 of 9 training videos)

5 Time: 4:25

August 16, 2011

Views: 2,011

It's easier to find email messages using the search capabilities of Outlook than to browse through folders, and it's easier to file messages in just a few folders than to think about which folder to put it in. Renee shows Harry the folder structure recommended by the Outlook product team. (Part 2 of 9 training videos)

5 Time: 3:04

August 15, 2011

Views: 2,897

Effective time and schedule management depends on consistently applying the principles, which can happen naturally after they become part of a normal routine. Harry learns one last tip and summarizes his new way of working. (Part 9 of 9 training videos)

4 Time: 2:59

August 16, 2011

Views: 1,920

Learning to manage your email and time effectively is not only a function of Outlook features. Control of your schedule comes from understanding and following best practices in how you work. Renee explains the principles behind the practice of the "four Ds" in handling email. (Part 7 of 9 training videos)

4 Time: 3:02

August 16, 2011

Views: 1,747

Categories help pull together all related messages quickly, and act as extra keywords for searching. Renee shows Harry how to add categories to all his email messages. Part 3 of 9 training videos.

4 Time: 3:46

August 15, 2011

Views: 2,622

Although you don't have much say in when many meetings are scheduled, you do have control over the rest of your calendar. Use your calendar as a real representation of your time by blocking out appointments for completing work you plan to do. Renee explains best practices for using the calendar. (Part 8 of 9 training videos)

0 Time: 1:51

August 16, 2011

Views: 1,628

Outlook provides a way to save searches that you do frequently as "search folders". One click on a search folder runs the saved search, using criteria as broad or as narrow as you like. Renee shows Harry how to create search folders for his categories and other criteria. (Part 5 of 9 training videos)

0 Time: 3:19

August 16, 2011

Views: 2,112

Harry was fine using Outlook for email and meeting reminders. But new responsibilities in his job began to overwhelm his schedule and make him feel lost in email. Harry's co-worker, Renee, knows how to use Outlook to control email and scheduling, and begins to show Harry some best practices. (First part of a 9 video training series)

0 Time: 4:08

August 15, 2011

Views: 3,368