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“I started working with Microsoft technology in 2006, and when I got my first certification I got a better job and more advanced projects—so it has definitely helped me prove my knowledge to myself and to my customers. Becoming an MCSE has distinguished me from my peers. I would recommend it to anyone.” Johan Dahlbom, Consultant, Sweden

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January 11, 2013

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"MCSM is the new MCM. Our industry is changing so fast, the cloud is taking over ... MS is changing certification to match that dynamic change in the industry." Radi Atanasson, Consultancy/Sharepoint, Bulgaria

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January 10, 2013

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Because he is in a consulting role, Ron changes industries a lot. His skills give him that flexibility, and his certifications give clients the peace of mind that he can help them even without direct industry experience.

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July 19, 2013

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Rob is a project manager for IT projects and was at TechEd to learn more about ALM. Even though he's not a developer, Rob decided to take the MTA exam for operating system fundamentals to establish his technical credibility.

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July 19, 2013

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Nate had five MCSE certifications and recently took his first MTA exam. Listen to what he has to say about how the exam targets the entry-level certification track.

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July 18, 2013

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When Lou was ready to leave management to go back to being a technical individual contributor, he used his SQL Server certification to help prove he still had his technical skills.

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July 18, 2013

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Heather took her Microsoft Office certifications to the next level three years ago when she decided to become an MCT. Now not only does she have the Office skills to help the NASCAR organization, but as an MCT she helps others to grow their own careers.

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July 18, 2013

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Clint has been in the industry for over 20 years but only recently took his first certification exams back-to-back, and passed them both. It was part of a plan to prove to his colleagues that he had the knowledge to go from zero to an MSCE in one week.

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July 18, 2013

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Edward was given the opportunity to do a complete upgrade from the Active Directory infrastructure from 2003 R2 to 2008 R2. He thinks that the project went to him because he was certified.

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July 18, 2013

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"Certification changed my life. Because I was able to prove my knowledge, I got to be a senior system engineer." Sander de Ruyter, Senior IT, Netherlands

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January 14, 2013

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"The MCSE reflects the market, which is moving away from an application toward a solution." Stefan Hazerbroeh, Customer infrastructure, Netherlands

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January 14, 2013

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"With the certification I can show my ability. It's made it easy to find a job. The new MCSE is the best choice for you to show your senior certification in the cloud." Cheng Zhang, TSP, China

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January 11, 2013

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Certification changed my life. I was able to pursue the job I wanted. Because I was MCSE certified, new employers already knew what knowledge I had, so it was easier to talk about my experience.

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January 10, 2013

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The new MCSE will help people get a job in the cloud. I’m really certain of that because it’s focused on the cloud and it’ll really help. The new MCSE reflects changes in the industry and in technology because it’s much more cloud-focused and that is the way to go.

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January 10, 2013

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The MCSE title has made it easier for me to get new jobs. Having the MCSE certification on your resume, helps you stand out from people who don’t have it.

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January 09, 2013

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