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With Office you can change the look of your ribbon and interface. In this short video, Doug Thomas shows you how and why you can change your color scheme.

5 Time: 1:37

May 02, 2011

Views: 3,216

Access is a bit of a mystery, but using the database tool unleashes powerful customization tools to make data--like your contact list--more specific for your needs. Let Doug Thomas show you in this short video using a free Contacts Database template from Office. com.

5 Time: 4:11

November 15, 2010

Views: 73,949

The way you use your computer sure has changed since Office 2003 debuted 8 years ago. In this short video, Doug Thomas shows you some of the tools in Office 2010 that can easily make you a wizard with photos and video, plus make decisions faster.

4 Time: 3:13

November 05, 2013

Views: 1,782

Here's some surefire ways to organize a report and some tricks to send a smart looking report in Outlook. Doug Thomas shows you how he uses OneNote and Word to quickly organize a team report and send it in an Outlook email in this short video.

4 Time: 6:31

August 12, 2013

Views: 4,791

When business and social bump together, great things can happen. In this short video, Doug Thomas shows you how this mix occurs in your inbox with the Outlook Social Connector.

4 Time: 1:20

February 01, 2012

Views: 5,957

Here's a computer mouse you have to feel to appreciate. The new Microsoft Touch Mouse brings the best of mice and touch technology into one cool device. In this short video, Doug Thomas gives it a test drive on an Excel workbook.

4 Time: 3:03

December 05, 2011

Views: 2,555

There's lots of data out there: LOTS. PowerPivot is a free add-in for Excel that can link multiple spreadsheets or even link to a database, thus you can work with millions of lines of data. Let me show you an introduction why PowerPivot works in this short video.

4 Time: 1:23

November 14, 2011

Views: 7,316

Want to see what the future looks like based on where today's software and devices are headed? Kurt DelBene, the President of the Office Business Division, recently introduced the world to a future vision of productivity. This elegant, non-narrated video is based on reams of research. The video certainly is cool, but I wanted to see where today's technology is laying the foundation for this vision. I talked with the creators of video, looked at their data, and generally peeked behind the curtain. Here's my video connecting the dots between the tools of today and the visions for tomorrow.

4 Time: 6:12

November 01, 2011

Views: 2,801

Your office is a sea of calendars. In this short video, Doug Thomas shows you how to get a handle on calendars with Office 365 and the Outlook Web App. Also, Doug shows you how to import other online calendars--like Gmail calendars--into the Web App.

4 Time: 3:46

September 16, 2011

Views: 1,201

All templates are not created equal. Several built-in sample templates for Word and PowerPoint are actually several templates built into one. Doug Thomas dishes on these Sample Templates in this short video.

4 Time: 2:07

August 12, 2011

Views: 1,041

Here's a free graphing calculator students and teachers can use for calculus, chemistry, algebra, and a number of other subjects. Doug Thomas and a math whiz take the free download through its paces in this short video.

4 Time: 2:12

July 19, 2011

Views: 4,088

Class assignments, schedules, homework, projects, and research can all be kept and searched in OneNote. In this short video, Doug Thomas shows students a few tricks about using images and how to share OneNote between multiple PCs, slates, Macs, and phones.

4 Time: 2:54

July 19, 2011

Views: 8,359

OneNote 2010 has a new feature allowing OneNote to stick to other projects. In this short video Doug Thomas shows you Linked Notes.

4 Time: 1:34

October 29, 2010

Views: 4,724

Doug Thomas shows you how to give great presentations with some expert advice from Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, and Garr Reynolds, along with a tour of PowerPoint's underutilized Presenter's View feature in this video.

4 Time: 7:25

October 07, 2010

Views: 15,380

The installation of Outlook Social Connector is different than most downloads. Besides downloading the connector, you must download provider files for each social network you want to connect to. Doug Thomas shows you how in this short video.

4 Time: 3:02

August 16, 2010

Views: 57,704