Deploy a tuned SQL Server image for data warehousing in the cloud within minutes.

By deploying a tuned version of SQL Server specifically for data warehousing in Windows Azure, Microsoft provides the fastest way to stand up a data warehouse. Customers skip the necessity to procure and build the hardware as well as precisely configuring the software.

What's New in SQL Server for Data Warehousing in Windows Azure Virtual Machines

  • Up and running within minutes
  • No hardware to procure
  • Leverages best practices from Fast Track to tune and configure specifically for data warehousing

Key Capabilities

  • Fastest Time to Value

    Deploying Microsoft SQL Server for data warehousing as a Windows Azure Virtual Machine is the fastest way to stand up a data warehouse.

    • Be up and running within minutes.
    • No hardware to procure and to build.
    • No knowledge necessary to configure the software.
  • Optimized for Data Warehousing

    This SQL Server image leverages the on-premise best practices built in SQL Server Fast Track to certify an optimal and balanced configuration specifically for data warehousing in the cloud.

    • Leverages best practices from Fast Track to balance CPU, IO, Storage specifically for data warehousing.
    • Built specifically to run data warehouse workloads.
  • Includes All Capabilities of SQL Server

    This data warehousing image uses full licenses of SQL Server which means all capabilities of SQL Server are included in the purchase.

    • In-memory columnstore index provides next-generation performance in queries.
    • Partition large tables.
    • Major components of an integrated BI solution out-of-the box.

"By choosing Windows Azure, we could deliver a BI solution in two weeks with minimal investment. If we had deployed a traditional solution, it would have taken us 6 to 12 months to get similar results."

David Boyle
SVP, Consumer Insight, HarperCollins Publishers

In-memory Columnstore Speeds Up Data Warehousing

The in-memory columnstore index enables you to achieve breakthrough speedups for common data warehouse queries.