An application or website using machine translations performed by Microsoft Translator must display an attribution which makes users aware that text has been machine translated and helps direct user feedback appropriately.

Nomenclature and usage

Official name of the service: Microsoft Translator API

Attribution guidelines

  • Use the provided Microsoft logo as supplied in full color
  • The logo must appear with the appropriate text
    • Use Translated from language by [logo] for translations where the source language is not obvious
    • Use Translated by [logo] when the source language is known (e.g. a translation app where the user select the source language)
  • The Translated by text should be translated to the audience language
  • The attribution (text and logo) should link to
  • The readability of the attribution must not be obscured
  • The attribution must comply with clear space requirements

Translator attribution

There are two preferred implementations based on the context onto which the translation happens. Customers and partners should use the following attribution next to the translated text. For both implemenations, the text and logo will hyperlink to:

When the source language is not defined or clear to the user

Attribution with language

Note: The preferred usage is to translate all words except the logo into the target language

When the source language is obvious or user selected

Attribution sans language

Note: The preferred usage is to translate “Translated by” into the target language, if appropriate, given the context

Download Guidelines and Artwork

Additional uses

If, for technical, business, legal or user experience reasons the attribution requirements cannot be displayed in the manner described, please contact the Microsoft Translator team to investigate potential alternatives.

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