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Microsoft Translator Hub

The Translator Hub is a free extension of the Microsoft Translator service. It is fully integrated into the Translator Text API. With the Hub, enterprises and language service providers can build translation systems that understand the terminology used in their own business and industry. Your customized translation system will then easily integrate into your existing applications, workflows and websites, across multiple types of devices, through the regular Microsoft Translator Text API, by using the category parameter.

Customization with the Hub is both easy and adaptable. When using the Hub, users can start from a simple customization level starting with a few words (such as product names, etc.) in a dictionary, then use as little as one thousand parallel sentences to start customizing the actual translations. More details about the various levels of customization, based on available data, can be found on the Microsoft Translator Blog.

Why should I use the Hub?

Get Better Translations
Use your previously translated documents (leaflets, webpages, documentation, etc.) to build a translation system that reflects your domain-specific terminology and style, better than a generic translation system. Hub supports TMX, XLIFF, TXT, HTML, DOCX, XLSX and PDF document formats. The hub will combine your domain specific data with Microsoft’s vast language knowledge to generate translation systems combining the best of both our large scale training data and your industry specific one. Given the appropriate type and amount of training data it is not uncommon to expect gains between 5 and 10, even 15 in some instances, BLEU points on translation quality by using the Hub, to customize your translations.

Securely translate anytime, anywhere on all your apps and services
Translation systems built with Hub are available through a cloud-based, high performance, highly scalable translation service that powers billions of translations every day. Your system can be seamlessly accessed and integrated into any product or business workflow, and on any device, via the Microsoft Translator API, which is available leveraging industry standard REST technology.

Build translation systems for native and endangered languages
Governments, universities and language preservation communities can use the Hub to build translation systems between any pair of languages, including languages not yet supported by Microsoft Translator, to reduce communication barriers. With communication gaps removed, communities are empowered and business can serve their people. A new language can be easily kick-started and improved over time with the support of an involved community, that regularly contributing to enriching the translation system.

“The Translator Hub by Microsoft is not only a powerful software that facilitates the proper communication between Maya and Spanish but it is also a very important tool to achieve one of the strategic goals of our university: to preserve and increase the use of Maya.” 
—Dr. Francisco J. Rosado May, Rector of Universidad Intercultural Maya de Quintana Roo

How do I get started?

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to build a custom translation system using your previously translated documents. The Hub user guide and the Hub API guide provide the steps for building and deploying a customized translation system. Once you deploy your system, use your Microsoft Translator subscription to access the deployed system via the Microsoft Translator API.

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