Microsoft Translator provides a powerful set of web service APIs that developers can use to take advantage of its best-of-breed Machine Translation technology in their own applications, services or web sites. This API may be called in a number of ways, including an HTTP REST Service, an AJAX-callable service and a SOAP Web Service.

The Microsoft Translator API, an online service, is available directly from the Windows Azure Marketplace. The Microsoft Translator API is sold as a monthly subscription based on the number of characters of text passed to the API. The API is available for FREE for usage up to 2 million characters per month.

A sampling of the methods that the API provides to the developer are listed below:

  • Translate — Translates text from one language to another

  • TranslateArray — Translates an array of texts from one language to another

  • Speak (Text to Speech) — Returns audio of the text spoken in the desired language

  • Detect — Detects the language of the string

  • Detect Array — Detects the language of an array of strings

  • GetTranslations — Returns an array of alternative translations for the text

  • GetTranslationsArray — Returns an array of alternative translations for a text array

  • GetLanguageNames, GetLanguagesForSpeak, GetLanguagesForTranslate — Return a list of languages supported by name, for audio and by code

  • AddTranslation, AddTranslationArray — Allows developers to add their own translations to the Microsoft Translator infrastructure.

In addition to using the API, webmasters can use the Microsoft Translator Widget to get instant translations of web pages without the need to write any code. The Widget is a small piece of HTML that can be placed anywhere on the site, and provides the end user with an option to translate the text of that site into any of the supported languages. The Widget includes Collaborative Translation features which provide the end-user alternative translations, allow you to edit and over-ride the machine translations and/or "vote up" the best translation, improving the framework for the community.


The web is growing at a tremendous pace, with new users and new content added every second. The spectrum of users on the web is fast becoming linguistically diverse. Microsoft Translator is on the forefront of innovation in web translation experiences, helping content owners attract a world wide audience to their sites.

Translator Widget for websites

Translator Widget for websites

The Microsoft Translator web page widget allows you to bring real-time, in-place translation to your web site.

The collaborative translation features combine automatic translation technology with the power of your community. Try the all new translator invitation and translation management tools!

Check out the Getting Started Guide or read our Blog for information about the Collaborative Translation Framework.

Customize the widget for your site now!

Microsoft Translator AJAX API

Microsoft Translator AJAX API

Web developers that would like fine grained control over the translation experience can leverage the AJAX API underlying the Microsoft Translator widget.

AJAX Interface

The AJAX interface provides your web applications with JavaScript based access to translation services.

SOAP Interface

The SOAP interface provides a strongly typed; web service standards based programming model supporting rich development environments such as the .NET framework MSDN reference for Microsoft Translator APIs.

Multilingual App Toolkit for Visual Studio 2012 RC

Instantly internationalize your Windows 8 apps with Visual Studio 11 and Microsoft Translator. This extension for Visual Studio 2012 RC helps you localize your Metro style app with translation support, translation file management, and editor tools. Download the Multilingual app toolkit.