Getting started using the Translator API

The Microsoft Translator API is a set of open web APIs that can be integrated into any website or application, on any device (server, PC, mobile, tablet) and operating system.

Follow these 4 steps to begin using the Microsoft Translator API:

1.Sign into Azure
2.Subscribe to
Microsoft Translator
  • After you sign into Azure, go to the Cognitive Services section
  • Under "API Type" select the Text or Speech API
    • You can only add one Translator API subscription at a time
  • In the Pricing Tier section, select the pricing tier that best fits your needs
    • Each subscription has a free tier. The free tier has the same features and functionalities as the paid plans and does not have an expiration date
  • Fill out the rest of the form, and select the Create button
  • All subscriptions go into effect immediately
3.Authentication Key
  • Retrieve your authentication key by going to the menu All Resources > click on your subscription
  • The Key value is used for authentication, keep the Key value confidential. You will need this when you develop your app
4.Learn, Test &
Get Support


In addition to translation, take advantage of the two no-cost customization features associated with the Translator API.

Translator Hub
Use the Translator Hub pre-publishing tool to customize your translations and create a translation system tuned to your own terminology and style. Learn more


Collaborative Translation Framework (CTF)
As part of the API, this post-publishing feature allows you to collaborate with your peers and your community to improve translations after they have been automatically translated, for higher quality and accuracy. Learn more

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