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Getting started using the Translator API

The Microsoft Translator API is a set of open web APIs that can be integrated into any website or application, on any device (server, PC, mobile, tablet, Internet of Things/Embedded) and operating system.

There are two distinct sets of the Microsoft Translator API:

Microsoft Translator - Text Translation

  • Text-to-text translation
  • Text-to-speech audio output

Microsoft Translator - Speech Translation

  • Speech-to-speech translation
  • Speech-to-text translation

Click here to see the Microsoft Translator supported languages.

Note: A monthly subscription is required to use the Microsoft Translator API. The exception is when you use the Microsoft Translator service from a Microsoft Translator app or from within any of the Microsoft products listed here such as SharePoint, Microsoft Office, Yammer, Skype, Visual Studio, or the Microsoft Translator Web Widget.

Follow these 4 steps to begin using the Microsoft Translator API:

  1. Sign-in to Azure DataMarket with a Microsoft Account       

Create a Microsoft Account (username and password) which allows you to sign-in to Azure DataMarket.

For the Microsoft Account, if the use of the Microsoft Translator API is for business, it is recommended that you create a team username versus using a personal username. An example of a team username is

Keep the Microsoft Account credentials confidential and ensure at least 2 people know the username and password (ideally use a team alias for password recovery).

If you do not already have a Microsoft Account, you can create one here.

  1. Subscribe to the Microsoft Translator API       

  1. Register your application and create your Client ID and Client Secret       

  1. Learn about the Microsoft Translator APIs       


In addition to translation, take advantage of the two no-cost customization features associated with the Translator API.

Translator Hub

Use the Translator Hub prepublishing tool to customize your translations and create a translation system tuned to your own terminology and style. Learn more.

Collaborative Translation Framework (CTF)

As part of the API, this postpublishing feature allows you to collaborate with your peers and your community to improve translations after they have been automatically translated, for higher quality and accuracy. Learn more.

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