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Microsoft Translator Text API

Microsoft Translator Text API is a cloud-based automatic translation (a.k.a. machine translation) service supporting multiple languages that reach more than 95% of world's gross domestic product (GDP). Translator can be used to build applications, websites, tools, or any solution requiring multilanguage support.

Built for business, Microsoft Translator is a proven, customizable, and scalable solution for automatic translation. Microsoft Translator technology powers translation features across Microsoft products, including Office, SharePoint, Yammer, Visual Studio, Bing, and Skype. Simply integrate translation into web, desktop, or mobile applications, the Translator API provides a rich functionality set for any developer, not to mention a wide choice of interfaces: AJAX, HTTP, SOAP, OData, and the Translator Web Widget. Learn more about automatic translation and how Microsoft Translator works.

Value of Microsoft Translator for Business

Built for enterprise
  • Robust, proven solution used by enterprise customers worldwide
  • Broad, high-quality language support covering 95% of world's GDP
  • Meets the security requirements of enterprise IT organizations
  • Works across devices and operating systems, in client and web applications
  • Adapts to enterprise workflows and products
  • Supports industry specific translation customization
Effectively scalable
  • Scalable from a few words to billions of words per day
  • Free for small volumes up to 2M tier, discounts for larger volumes and enterprise customers
  • Cloud service integrated into Microsoft and partner solutions for faster time to market

Built for enterprise

The service is used globally by thousands of organizations as part of their existing workflows, for both internal-facing and external-facing content and applications. eBay and Etsy are among the many companies whose consumer-facing applications and services offer translations using Microsoft Translator, and a large number of multinational enterprise customers, such as Hewlett-Packard, PressReader, and Public Technologies also use Microsoft Translator.


Microsoft Translator can be customized both pre-publishing, with the Microsoft Translator Hub, and post-publishing, with the Collaborative Translation Framework (CTF).

The Microsoft Translator Hub enables customers to build a translation system tuned to their terminology and style. The CTF enables customers to use a controlled or open crowdsourced model to improve translations after publication.

Effectively scalable

Getting started using the Translator service is a snap to scale to your needs. Sign up for a free subscription for volumes up to 2 million characters per month, purchase a monthly subscription for higher volumes from the Windows Azure Marketplace, or through volume licensing for Enterprise customers. Get started today.

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