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    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a customer relationship management solution with built-in capabilities for industry leading enterprise-grade security, privacy and compliance. As a Dynamics CRM Online customer, Microsoft values your trust and is committed to protect the privacy and security of your data.

    Dynamics CRM Online service is based on following trust principles:

    Built-in Security

    • Software Development Lifecycle. Dynamics CRM Online is built using the Security Development Lifecycle, a mandatory process that embeds security requirements into every phase of the development process.
    • Encryption. Your data is protected by encryption while it is at rest in Microsoft datacenters and while it travels between user devices and our datacenters.
    • Identity and access management. Azure Active Directory simplifies the management of users and groups, enables you to assign and revoke privileges easily, and helps protect Dynamics CRM Online from unauthorized access.

    Learn more by reading Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online security.


    • Data Ownership. You own your data. Your data is not mined for advertising purposes. You can remove your data at any time from Dynamics CRM Online.
    • You are in control of your customer data.  We use your data only for the services mutually agreed upon. Learn here how we use your data.  When governments or law enforcement make a lawful request for customer data from Microsoft, we are committed to transparency and limit what we disclose.
    • Data Privacy Controls. Dynamics CRM Online keeps your customer data separate from that of other customers. We provision you with your own database to maximize the security and integrity of your data.

    Continuous Compliance

    • Compliance responsibilities. Microsoft maintains compliance with leading data protection and privacy laws applicable to cloud services so that Dynamics CRM Online complies with the laws and regulations unique to national, regional, and industry-specific requirements. Our compliance with world-class industry standards is verified by third parties.
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    • Compliance framework. We offer a comprehensive compliance framework to help you comply with your specific requirements. Dynamics CRM Online adheres to international and industry-specific compliance standards. Some of the key compliance standards it complies with are ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, FedRAMP for Dynamics CRM Online for Government, SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II. Learn more about all compliance standards here.

    Transparent Operations

    • Data Location and Access. You know where your data is stored and the logic used to determine the data location. We are transparent about who can access your Dynamics CRM Online data, and under which conditions your data is accessed. Arrow | Navigate To Privacy NoticeLearn more

    We’re accountable to you. We notify you, if requested, about changes in our service operations. As an administrator, you will receive service notifications and compliance notifications regarding datacenter location changes, in addition to security, privacy, and audit information.

    You can learn more about Microsoft data practices by reading the Online Services Terms and Microsoft Online Services Privacy Statement.