As technology becomes increasingly important in day-to-day living—for work, commerce, and communication—it is vital that everyone, regardless of ability or age, be able to enjoy the benefits of the digital world. However, the technological tools created for the betterment of society are also being used as instruments for crime and malicious intent. Security, privacy, and online safety top the list of concerns for businesses, governments, and individuals across the globe.

The Microsoft approach to these issues is called Trustworthy Computing, a long-term, collaborative effort to create and deliver secure, private, and reliable computing experiences for everyone. Building Global Trust Online is intended to be a relevant and useful guide for any decision-maker who is responsible for developing new ideas and solutions for security, privacy, online safety, and accessibility.

Building Global Trust Online

In Building Global Trust Online, 4th Edition: Microsoft Perspectives for Policymakers, you will find overviews of key issues; a summary of the Microsoft response to these issues, including products, services, and global collaborative efforts; recommended policy considerations; infographics and data visualizations; and a list of helpful resources for further reading and review.
The guide covers a range of topics, including:
  • Current efforts to address, mitigate, or eliminate today’s cyberthreats
  • Future privacy models aimed at improving current practices and addressing evolving privacy concerns
  • Issues related to the protection of youth online
  • Microsoft’s commitment to innovative accessibility solutions
  • Microsoft products, services, partnerships, and ongoing work to promote a safer, more trusted Internet
Download the full Policymaker Guide (PDF, 26.2 MB), or use the following links to download individual booklets:


(PDF, 3.22 MB)
Online Safety

Download the Online Safety booklet
(PDF, 4.95 MB)

Download the Accessibility booklet
(PDF, 6.87 MB)


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