At Microsoft, we are committed to earning customer trust by demonstrating accountability and an inherent respect for privacy. We must earn customer trust by being as transparent as possible about the people, policies, and processes we have in place to protect privacy. Brad Smith, General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Legal and Corporate Affairs, Microsoft, discusses how a thoughtful and consistent approach to privacy an help respect consumer expectations while balancing the benefits of today's technology.

We have invested heavily over many years to build what we believe is one of the strongest privacy programs in our industry. Our privacy program is founded in Privacy by Design, a principles-based approach to building privacy protections into an organization's practices from the ground up. "Privacy by Design" has become a popular term in the privacy community, but it means different things to different people. At Microsoft, Privacy by Design describes not only how we build products but also how we operate our services and organize ourselves as an accountable technology leader.


Dedicated Microsoft professionals, with a passion for privacy, drive our privacy program. Rigorous technical development standards and thorough privacy reviews help ensure that privacy and data protections are systematically incorporated into Microsoft products and services.

Policy Activity

No single company or industry can completely safeguard privacy in our globally connected world. Microsoft works with customers, industry leaders, civil society, and governments to establish standards and policies to help people and organizations better manage and protect personal information.


Microsoft Research scientists conduct basic and applied research in computer science, software engineering, and the interaction between information and communications technology and society. Privacy is a topic of particular focus.

Privacy Models

Identifying frameworks that support the dual goals of privacy and responsible data use is the motivation for Microsoft's collaboration with privacy stakeholders from around the world—across governments, private enterprise, and civil society.