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Cloud privacy
For consumers

Establishing trust in our data-centric world

Microsoft's Peter Cullen discusses the newly published World Economic Forum report, "A New Lens for Strengthening Trust," and ways in which government, civil society groups, and industry can help to create sustainable data-driven ecosystems in the current environment.

Microsoft, experts gather for Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C.

Experts from around the world are convening at the International Association of Privacy Professionals Global Privacy Summit to discuss the big topics that industry, civil society, and governments work on collectively to advance the state of privacy protections (PDF, 126 KB) in today’s data rich world.

Protecting Data and Privacy in the Cloud (PDF, 316 KB)

Microsoft outlines its approach and processes to ensure that customer data in our enterprise services including Windows Azure, Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online, and Microsoft Intune, remains private.

Protecting your privacy online

Learn what steps you can take to protect your personal information in the cloud (download available in 14 languages).