Microsoft works with governments, businesses, technology leaders, and civil society to advise on legislative proposals, help align laws across jurisdictions, develop responsible privacy practices, and strengthen self-regulatory mechanisms that support privacy and data protection in the data age.

For example, we have long supported baseline US privacy legislation (PDF, 533 KB), coupled with industry self-regulation that facilitates the free flow of information, enhances privacy and trust, and encourages innovation. We also support the concept of accountability. Under an accountability model, privacy goals are established in law, but individual organizations are responsible for determining how best to meet those goals. Further, we support efforts to create greater interoperability among global privacy frameworks (PDF, 532 KB) that better allow differing data protection regimes to work together to support compliance, privacy, and innovation. Together with privacy stakeholders from around the world , we are also thinking about how to evolve the frameworks (PDF, 680 KB) that have governed aspects of the protection of personal data for the data age.

Building Global Trust Online, 4th Edition: Microsoft Perspectives for Policymakers was compiled from extensive work and ongoing research by Microsoft teams, as well as consultation with external subject-matter experts to provide ongoing education about policy topics related to privacy, security, safety, and accessibility. Privacy topics include the following:

  • Baseline Privacy Legislation
  • Future Privacy Models
  • Microsoft Privacy Statement
  • Privacy Accountability
  • Privacy by Design at Microsoft
  • Privacy in the Cloud
Download the Privacy booklet (PDF, 3.22 MB)