Case Studies

Airline charter company Advance Aviation Group (AAG) wanted to expand its business by entering the aerial survey market. By choosing the UltraCam Eagle large-format digital camera, AAG has increased its revenue stream by almost a third. The camera has helped AAG attract new clients by enabling the company to capture high-quality images efficiently and to process this data very quickly. The UltraCam also offers AAG a cost-effective upgrade path as the company continues to grow.
GeoAir, an aerial mapping company, took vertical and oblique aerial images to upgrade maps for 15 municipalities in the State of Mexico. GeoAir used the Microsoft UltraCam Osprey to take both required types of images at once, which allowed the company to halve costs and improve efficiency while obtaining accurate, high-quality images for the Instituto de Información e Investigación Geográfica, Estadística y Catastral del Estado de México (IGECEM).
Leading Edge Geomatics
Leading Edge Geomatics, which captures aerial images across North America, wanted to upgrade its camera equipment to meet the requirements of government projects. The firm chose to purchase the Microsoft UltraCam digital aerial camera as a replacement for three of its medium-format digital cameras. As a result of its investment, Leading Edge Geomatics reduced its operating expenses and increased its photography revenue by 29 percent.
Ramani Geosystems
Ramani Geosystems, a geospatial services firm, wanted to be able to take on larger projects and find a better way to capture high-resolution images in East Africa’s tricky weather and lighting conditions. The company purchased the UltraCamX large-format digital camera from Microsoft for use in its aerial projects and now can tackle large projects, delivering superior imagery, greater flight and processing efficiency, and faster service to customers.
Watershed Science
Watershed Sciences, Inc. (WSI) wanted to increase its digital multispectral orthophotography business and provide higher-quality images to its customers. The company invested in the UltraCam Eagle large-format camera from Microsoft to capture high-resolution imagery. By using the UltraCam Eagle, WSI has reduced operational costs, increased image quality, shortened its post-processing time, and found new arenas in which it can expand its business.
Hiparc Geotecnologia
To reduce operating costs and shorten project cycles, Hiparc Geotecnologia wanted to transition from dependence on film-based aerial cameras and image scanners to a comprehensive digital mapping system. It chose the UltraCamLp photogrammetric digital aerial camera from Microsoft. Hiparc can now collect and process pictures more efficiently and uses integrated processing tools to develop survey maps eight times faster than with a film camera.
Peace Map
Driven by customer demand for high-quality aerial images, Peace Map switched from film cameras to the UltraCam digital aerial cameras. Peace Map purchased six cameras: one UltraCamD, two UltraCamXp, and three UltraCamLp photogrammetric digital aerial cameras. The company now delivers superior images with up to 30 percent more efficiency and plans to purchase more UltraCam cameras in the future.
Société Topographie Informatique
Société Topographie Informatique (STI) wanted to expand into the digital aerial survey market, which meant acquiring a digital aerial camera that it could use to deliver superior images efficiently and cost-effectively. The company chose the UltraCamXp photogrammetric digital aerial camera from Vexcel Imaging, a Microsoft company, and now enjoys fast image capture and processing, lower costs, and is opening new lines of business.
Keystone Aerial Surveys
Recognizing the demand for high-quality digital aerial images, Keystone Aerial Surveys switched from film cameras to the UltraCamD large format digital aerial camera from Vexcel Imaging, a Microsoft company, and then upgraded to the UltraCamX. Keystone now has access to the latest innovations and reliable support for the wide-footprint camera, can efficiently capture aerial images with fewer flight lines, and can take advantage of new business opportunities.
Topocart wanted to expand its business to Angola, but its analog film cameras required multiple flights in a rugged area that lacked proper air fields. The company decided to switch to digital image capture and chose the UltraCamXp large-format digital aerial camera. Topocart now captures high-quality images efficiently, continues to win new projects, and takes advantage of reliable support, along with a cost-efficient upgrade path.