UltraMap Modules


The UltraMap/Essentials module is responsible for converting the raw images taken by the UltraCam into standard file formats that can be used by further processing steps in UltraMap and/or third party software systems. The UltraMap/Essentials module is divided into two processing steps:


The UltraMap/RawDataCenter step is responsible for processing the UltraCam imagery from level-0 to level-2. By exploiting the distributed UltraMap Framework, processing tasks can be handled in parallel.


The UltraMap/Radiometry step is responsible for defining the final color of the level-2 data. It also provides model-based radiometric correction to compensate for or remove hotspots, atmospheric effects and haze, exploiting Dragonfly technology for image interaction and visualization of large image blocks.


The Aerial triangulation (AT) module provides an interactive workflow while calculating image correspondences in order to generate a precise exterior orientation for an entire image block by means of a least-squares bundle adjustment. Images from the oblique cameras are now also supported.


The UltraMap/DenseMatcher module creates high-density point clouds and DSMs and DTMs from level-2 images, extrapolating precise exterior orientation data to generate per-pixel height values. The 3D point cloud and the DSM data can be exported in standard file formats for further 3rd party processing.


The UltraMap/OrthoPipeline module generates the final ortho mosaic from all available inputs such as level-2 imagery, AT results, radiometric settings, and the DSM/DTM. Two different ortho images can be generated: DSMOrthos and DTMOrthos.


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