• UltraMap/OrthoPipeline

Microsoft UltraMap v3 introduces a fully automated processing pipeline for DSMOrtho and DTMOrtho generation. The DSMOrtho image is an ortho image which has been generated by rectifying the image, using the automatically generated DSM. This leads to a special ortho image with no perspective view and no leaning objects, which has significant benefits in some applications. Due to the consistent workflow, the DSMOrthos generated by UltraCam and UltraMap are of remarkably high-quality with very sharp edges, very detailed structures such as roof structures, and very little artifacts. That is because the dataset (DSM and images) comes from the same flight and no time difference has caused any changes on ground which could result in artifacts. Another reason for the high quality is the extremely sharp and precise DSM that has been processed from the point cloud, thanks to the high point density of the point cloud.

The DTMOrtho is the traditional ortho image, processed by rectifying the images with a DTM that has also been generated automatically by the UltraMap/DenseMatcher. The seam lines have been generated automatically using information from the image content as well as from the height field. Manual editing tools support seamline optimization.

The UltraMap/OrthoPipeline consists of several steps which are performed in a sequence:

Ortho rectification: the first step in the UltraMap/OrthoPipeline is called ortho rectification which re-projects the input images on a defined proxy geometry such as the DSM or the DTM. Depending on the type of the geometry used for the rectification, the result will be either a DSMOrtho or a DTMOrtho image.

Seamline generation: after the ortho rectification process, the next step is the seamline computation between the rectified images. Seams correspond to transitions from an input image to the adjacent one.

Ortho compositing: Once the initial ortho process is done, the software offers automated functionality to blend image content together in order to create a visually appealing result. All image bands (RGB and Near Infrared) are processed simultaneously in a consistent way.