UltraCam Supplies
  • UltraMount

The UltraMount product line offers UltraCam customers several options for a gyro-stabilized mount to drastically reduce movement of the airborne sensor and ensure perpendicular exposures. The UltraMount dynamically stabilizes arbitrary rotational movements of the aircraft (roll, pitch, yaw).


A passive vibration isolation ring minimizes high frequency vibrations, and external IMU data can be applied to increase the stabilization accuracy. The combined benefits of the UltraMount technology significantly increase the data quality during aerial data collection.


The GSM 3000 hydraulic system consists four cylinders and two servo pumps with classic gear drives and bearings to compensate for drift movement.


The SSM 350L/350 series utilize the latest gear drive technology and an electro mechanical gimbal system that requires no oil. The lighter weight compact design contributes to lower operating costs and is appropriate for smaller aircraft. The SSM 350L/350 series has a 350 mm usable diameter and is 100% compatible with the GSM 3000 interface, which eliminates the need for new connectors.