Web Events 2009

October, 2009
Aerial Mapping Highs & Lows: UltraCam Quality at Any Altitude
UltraCam digital aerial mapping cameras from Microsoft feature the largest image footprint of large and medium format photogrammetric systems and produce high-quality imagery of superior geometric accuracy and dynamic range. This now includes the UltraCamXp Wide Angle model that delivers small scale mapping capabilities to organizations with lower flying aircraft for UltraCam quality at any altitude.
Join leaders from the Microsoft photogrammetry team—Vexcel Imaging—in this 40 minute webinar for a preview of this latest UltraCam system, a review of the UltraCamXp concept behind it, and an understanding of pricing and upgrade options.
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July 22, 2009
Photogrammetry Versus LiDAR: Clearing the Air
Join us in this 40 minute webcast that demonstrates that high-resolution DSM and DTM production is no longer the domain of Lidar scanning and can also be accomplished through photogrammetry and digital frame cameras.
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May 6, 2009
UltraCamL First Results:
Join leaders from the Microsoft photogrammetry team—Vexcel Imaging—in this 40 minute webinar to see impressive early results from its recently announced medium format digital aerial mapping camera, the UltraCamL. The UltraCamL delivers the same technical capabilities offered by photogrammetric cameras—full mapping, matching, stereo capability and radiometric quality—but is available for under € 300K, removing the barrier for many mapping firms to “go digital.” Discover how the technology UltraCamL can allow your organization to achieve similar results as will be demonstrated.
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March 3, 2009
UltraCamL-photogrammetric Capabilities; Medium Format Package & Price:
Join technical experts from Microsoft’s photogrammetry team, Vexcel Imaging GmbH, for a free webinar that discusses the latest in aerial mapping innovations:
UltraCamL — recently announced medium format photogrammetric digital aerial mapping camera that delivers photogrammetric capabilities in a medium format package, making it ideal for use in smaller aircraft, and at a medium format prices.
UltraMap Workflow Software — provides a complete and integrated photogrammetric workflow for UltraCam images. It consists of a flexible and scalable distributed system for managing and processing vast amounts of UltraCam data.
Vexcel Imaging Business Development Director, Alexander Wiechert, will provide a technology overview and discuss programs designed to assist customers to more easily transition to these systems. Follow Alexander’s presentation, Dr. Michael Gruber, Senior Development Director for Vexcel Imaging will provide a technology deep dive, demonstrating the innovation that gives Vexcel Imaging products their competitive edge.
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