Enhancing and Replacing Shapes in Visio Diagrams
June 18, 2013, 1:00 PM EST
Visio 2013 includes a long-awaited feature: the ability to replace a shape with an entirely different shape while retaining most of the original shape’s text, data, formatting, and connections. Visio 2013 also includes sophisticated yet easy-to-use ways to add style and pizzazz to your drawing using themes, variants, and shape styles.
Diagram Validation: The Key to Building Correct Diagrams
April 23, 2013
Learn how to create templates that include validation rules and how to import rule sets, create rules, and modify rules.
Adding Structure to Network Maps, Flowcharts, Org Charts and Other Diagrams
March 5, 2013
Learn how to organize various diagram types with containers, lists, and callouts.
Popular Visio Templates: Networking Template
February 19, 2013
Network diagrams visually represent a network’s communication flow. Learn how to import and link shapes to external networking data, create data reports, data graphics, and legends. In addition, participants will learn how to use the import AutoCAD feature to display an integrated floor plan with a network diagram.
Leveraging Visio: Hyperlinks plus Six Ways to Exploit Data and Publish Visio Diagrams
January 29, 2013
Two of the most significant ways to enhance the value of a Visio diagram are to incorporate data and to create hyperlinks to external locations. This session is a deep dive into hyperlinking and will demonstrate some of the more subtle but incredibly useful features of Visio hyperlinking.
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Promodel and Microsoft Visio present: Predictive Analytics and Microsoft Visio's Advanced Diagramming
Charlotte, NC

Come join ProModel and Microsoft for a complimentary half-day briefing to hear how The Home Depot, Harley-Davidson and other large manufacturing and services organizations have leveraged simulation-based predictive analytics to make better decisions faster. Learn how these organizations use ProModel’s solutions to Visualize, Analyze and Optimize their processes in order to quantify the impact of changes to eliminate waste and bottlenecks, increase output with little or no capital investment, maximize throughput in the expansion designs of manufacturing and distribution facilities, and align production with changing demand realities.
Gartner Business Process Management Summit
4/2/2013 - 4/4/2013
National Harbor, MD

The Gartner Business Process Management Summit is designed specifically for business and IT leaders tasked with making business processes smarter, more agile and better able to respond to constantly changing business dynamics. This Gartner BPM summit is the largest and most comprehensive BPM conference in the world, offering forward-thinking, trusted advice and actionable recommendations for driving real business transformation.
MMS 2013 - Microsoft Management Summit
4/8/2013 - 4/12/2013
Las Vegas, NV

At the Microsoft Management Summit the brightest and most skilled IT professionals from around the world meet to increase their technical expertise. It's an intensive week of technical training, so get your geek on. You'll be first to test drive new products and solutions, accelerate your career, and you'll experience the power of community. Pretty sweet, huh?