Published Jul 20, 2014 | Updated Sep 15, 2017


Severe |Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus

Aliases: No associated aliases


Windows Defender detects and removes this threat.

This threat is a trojan which tries to do one or all of the following - download and install other malware; use your computer for click-fraud; record your keystrokes and the sites you visit; send information about your PC, including user names and browsing history, to a remote malicious hacker; or give a remote malicious hacker access to your PC.

Due to the generic nature of this detection, we can only provide general information about it.

Find out ways that malware can get on your PC.  

Use the following free Microsoft software to detect and remove this threat:

You should also run a full scan. A full scan might find hidden malware.

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You can also visit our advanced troubleshooting page or search the Microsoft virus and malware community for more help.

If you’re using Windows XP, see our Windows XP end of support page.

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