The right app for the job

Apps are the heart and soul of Windows 8 Pro. From desktop apps to new, exciting apps on the Windows Store, you're sure to find something to help make the most of your work day.

Desktop apps

Get all the desktop apps you know and love on Windows 8.1 Pro, including the one app no business can live without, Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is sold separately from Windows 8.1 Pro, but once teamed up, they work hand-in-hand to help power your productivity.

New apps for Windows

A new line of apps designed for modern times taking full advantage of new hardware capabilities and the fast, fluid touch experience.

Windows Store apps

Looking for an app that can help your business get more work done? The new Windows Store is filled with apps that can do just that. Browse lists of top apps, look through recommendations, and do your own search for the app that fits your needs. Many apps are free. Others let you try before you buy. Just tap or click the Store tile and start exploring.

  • DocuSign
    Featured app
    With DocuSign for Windows, you can electronically sign, send and store documents from any where at any time. DocuSign is safe, secure and legally binding. You'll finish tasks faster and go completely paperless - no more printing, faxing, scanning or overnighting. There are endless ways to leverage DocuSign for both your personal and professional needs. Here are just few examples:NDAs, employment forms, rental and lease agreements, contracts, invoices, work orders, bills for sale, permission slips, and much more.
  • All About Money
    All About Money
    More apps
    Track expenses, income and savings, review trends and more.
  • BoardPad
    Turn your device into a highly secure digital board book, which you can access online or offline from any location.
  • Datazen
    Create BI dashboards from Excel, SQL Server, SSAS, SQL Azure, SharePoint and other cloud and enterprise data sources.
  • Evernote Touch
    Evernote Touch
    Capture anything, access anywhere. A powerful tool to organize and store all of your files in one place.
  • Grapholite Diagrams Pro
    Grapholite Diagrams Pro
    Design flow charts, floor plans, mind maps, org charts, office layouts, site maps, and much more.
  • LinkedIn
    Find and connect with more than 259 million professionals, read the latest industry news, or explore jobs – all on your phone.
  • Splashtop Business
    Splashtop Business
    Experience the easiest and fastest way to remotely access your Windows PC from your Windows tablet.
  • TeamViewer Touch
    TeamViewer Touch
    Control any remote computer within seconds.

Build your own apps

What if you have an app idea that can increase your company’s productivity. No problem. Windows 8.1 Pro allows you to build line of business apps for you company that meet the exact needs of your business. You don’t even have to publish them to the Windows Store, which ensures your exclusive app stays that way.

Sideloading apps

You can install custom-built Windows 8.1 apps directly without going through the Store. This feature is now available on all domain joined devices without requiring a VL-key. Contact your local reseller for more information.