Enhance every workstyle with MDOP

Enhance your workstyle

The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) is a suite of technologies available as a subscription for Software Assurance customers. MDOP virtualization technologies help personalize the user experience, simplify application deployment, and improve application compatibility with the Windows operating system (UE-V/App-V/MED-V). Additionally, MDOP helps you manage and secure your device, enabling monitoring, and deployment of key Windows features (MBAM/AGPM). Using MDOP shifts desktop repair from reactive to proactive, saving time and removing challenges associated with troubleshooting and repairing system failures (DaRT).

Announcing the availability of MDOP 2014 which includes a substantial update to our BitLocker management solution. Learn more about MDOP 2014.

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*Available to levels: TechNet Plus SA Media; TechNet Plus (retail); TechNet Direct (retail); TechNet Plus (VL); TechNet Plus Direct (VL); TechNet Cert Partner; TechNet Gold Cert Partner; T1.

** Available to levels: VS Pro with MSDN Premium (Empower); Developer AA; MSDN Universal (retail); VSTS Team Suite (VL); VSTS Architecture (VL); VSTS Development (VL); VSTS Test (VL); VS Pro with MSDN Premium (VL); MSDN Universal (VL); VSTS Database (VL); VS Pro with MSDN Premium (retail); VSTS Test (retail); VSTS Development (retail); VSTS Architecture (retail); VSTS Team Suite (retail); VSTS Database (retail); BizSpark Admin; BizSpark.