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User State Virtualization

User State Virtualization (USV) provides a consistent, familiar experience. Users can increase their productivity anytime, anywhere. Users will always have access to their personal experience on any managed PC and when combined with Windows Folder Redirection, Offline Folders and OneDrive Pro, their data will always be with them. USV includes the following products and features.

User Experience Virtualization (UE-V)
Delivers a consistent, personal Windows experience for users’ workstyle regardless how the applications are delivered, what version of the OS they use, and how they access them. UE-V makes it easy for IT to deliver personal, user defined experiences, across many devices. It integrates and scales through existing management tools providing a familiar management experience for all size businesses.
OneDrive Pro
Provides users with a personal library for business, where they can upload and access business-related documents, photos, and other files from their computer. The OneDrive Pro library is managed by the organization and allows users to share and collaborate on content with co-workers. In addition, with the OneDrive Pro sync client, they can synchronize library files and folders with their local computer.
Folder Redirection
Centralizes user folders such as documents, pictures, desktop, application data, and other folders where user or application data can be stored to a Server in the Datacenter, and makes these folders accessible to this user when they are logged in to any other PC.
Offline Files
Takes files and folders located on a server and makes them accessible to end users on their PC even when the network is slow or otherwise unavailable.
User State Virtualization helps businesses reduce their risk of lost productivity due to local storage of data, and settings, as user data can be replicated centrally and retrieved immediately in the event of device loss or theft. It also reduces business disruptions caused by device outages. If a user needs to quickly switch PCs, they can simply log in to another device, UE-V quickly retrieves their experience, getting them back up and running quickly. When combined with App-V their applications and experience are instantly available.