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Indian Wildlife theme - Microsoft Windows

Photographer Mayur Kotlikar brings the striking color and majesty of India’s wildlife to your desktop–including a variety of lovely birds–in this free theme for ...

Community Showcase: Aqua 4 theme - Microsoft Windows

Raging rivers, serene lakes, jagged ice, and spherical droplets are just a few of the watery wonders found in this free Windows theme.

Muscle Cars theme - Microsoft Windows

Give your desktop some serious swagger with this free Windows theme, featuring a variety of high-performance heavyweights from the classic muscle car era.

Community Showcase: Cityscapes 2 theme - Microsoft Windows

Take an up-close structural glance or sweeping skyline view of some of the world’s most bustling locales in this free Cityscapes theme for Windows.

Community Showcase: Dramatic Skies 3 theme - Microsoft Windows

Silhouetted shores, deserts, and mountains give way to the blazing colors of sunrise and sunset in this free Windows theme, the third in our Dramatic Skies series ...

Community Showcase: Insects 3 theme - Microsoft Windows

Bees, butterflies, and beetles busily work and frolic in this third free Windows theme in the Insects series, from our community of photographers.

Aurora Borealis theme - Microsoft Windows

An atmospheric wonder of the northern sky, the aurora borealis casts an otherworldly glow over frozen landscapes in this free Windows theme.

How to detect and remove Ramnit - Windows Help

Find out how to detect if your PC is infected with the Ramnit virus, and if so, how to remove it from your PC.

Help and support - Microsoft Windows

Help and support Be sure to check out How to use Windows 10 Technical Preview for helpful info highlighting the new things you can do with the preview on your PC.