Budget and Tracking Application

Design and develop a budgeting/tracking application used for low volume campaign management across a complex business with both client facing and product matrix structures.


Based in Cape Town, BoE Private Clients has a small group of seven marketing personnel who needed to be able to manage its marketing budget. This entailed allocating the budget, across different campaigns for the year. The solution needed to log requests against a budget, get approval and then proceed with sponsorship and the event. After which, the system needed to be able to capture invoices against the projected budget and keep a running total of what was allocated, what had been paid and what was outstanding – the difference going back into the budget for future projects.

BoE Private Clients was running a non- Microsoft program which was used marketing financial management. However, the company considered that it was not flexible enough to cater for the new business requirements. Other considerations were that there was limited local support for the product and it was a stand-alone application which would have been expensive to upgrade.

Bearing in mind that Nedbank holds a Microsoft CRM licence agreement, there seemed little point in running the non- Microsoft program licence for just seven people.


“We looked at other products as well,” said Nadene Brokensha, Business Head of CRM at Nedbank, “but from a cost point of view we already had the Microsoft licences and it made more sense to stay with the one service provider, throughout the corporation. Added to which, the application could do what we wanted it to do where another company’s products might need additional maintenance and servicing. CRM has a familiar look and feel and a strong local presence in the South African market.

“We scoped the solution and it was built by MINT. The solution required some customisation in the calculation of the budget, but the workflow, screens and functionality was all there,” she said.

Managing a budget, linking an event and

campaigns and matching it to the costs and the reporting is rather different way of using CRM, which is traditionally a relationship management tool, but it has

additional benefits for BoE Private Clients knowing which clients attended which events and the ability to measure the value add of the campaigns. Measuring the tangible contribution the marketing investment makes to the bottom line business has become increasing important to BoE Private Clients and thus the budgeting and tracking tool became an integral part of delivering a new methodology in the use of marketing budget. They can also check on the clients spread and whether the same clients are always invited, attend or not.


The solution has been built generically so that it can be rolled out to more marketing divisions within Nedbank, giving more people the functionality and integration.

There is quicker deployment, leveraging off the same infrastructure and the ability to adapt the system to any business process, thus increasing return on investment (ROI). The budget process is easier to understand and managing fund availability is simple. The system also allows for the management of the ROI, based on marketing spend and ensures a good utilisation of funding and giving strong reporting information.

Currently, Nedbank uses CRM for centralised leads management to load campaigns and get requests through a central process and push the campaigns or leads out to a destination, so it envisages being able to link this solution to the beginning of the leads process . With BoE being ring-fenced, Nedbank can see exactly how it works and understand how and where else it can be used going forward.

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Industry: Banking
Country or Region: South Africa
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Organization Profile: BoE Private Clients’ vision is creating prosperity through people and partnerships. Money Never Sleeps is its war cry, which is an expression of the company’s passion and determination to make money work as hard as it possibly can.BoE Private Clients is one of the largest and most reputable wealth management businesses in South Africa.
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