Islamic Bank Cuts Number of Applications Used in Contact Centres by 88 Per Cent

Dubai Bank offers Islamic corporate and retail banking services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It wanted to provide more responsive customer service, and simplify process compliance with Shari’a banking principles. To achieve these goals, the organisation deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As a result, compliance management is easier, contact centre staff are more efficient, and customer accounts are opened significantly faster.

Business Needs

Dubai Bank is a leading Islamic bank in the UAE. Launched in September 2002, it provides corporate and retail banking, and investment services. The banking industry in the UAE is highly competitive, and customer loyalty is crucial for success. But, because of a fragmented customer data infrastructure, it was difficult to provide consistent customer service.

The bank did not have a complete and consistent view of its customers. Faizal Eledath, Chief Information Officer at Dubai Bank, says: “Customer data was stored across three unconnected data stores. Customers often had multiple records for different accounts, and changes were not updated across all customer accounts.”

Another challenge was that communication with the bank through one communication channel was not recognised by the others. “If a customer walked into a branch to make a complaint, and then phoned the contact centre for help the next day, the agent at the contact centre wouldn’t know about the previous request. This irritated customers,” says Eledath.
Agents’ jobs were made more difficult because they had to access up to eight applications to act on customer requests. “We have a banking solution to manage core banking processes, and we have separate applications to manage specific products, such as Islamic credit cards,” says Eledath. “Agents had to look for information in different applications, which affected how quickly they could respond to customers.”

Employees found setting up new customer accounts particularly time consuming. This was because customer details had to be entered into multiple applications and credit checks were conducted manually by the credit initiation team.

Dubai Bank also faced a challenge when, in 2007, it became an Islamic bank. “We had to ensure that the account application process strictly adhered to the Shari’a principles, but we had no way to enforce this,” says Eledath.


In December 2007, Dubai Bank worked with Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Veripark to deploy a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The solution integrates with all critical operational systems, including the core banking, Islamic credit cards, data warehouse, wealth management, and risk systems. Users have a 360-degree view of the customer and can manage various banking service requests through a single window.

“We chose Microsoft because we’ve had good experiences with its products before, and knew Microsoft Dynamics CRM was a safe choice,” says Eledath. “We also had a positive experience with Veripark on a previous implementation and had no hesitation about working with the team again.” To help the bank comply with Islamic banking regulations, Veripark also assisted in building an application to process the opening of customer accounts. The application, called Flow, was built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides agents with easy-to-use tools to manage customers more effectively. Employees now access all customer data from the Microsoft Dynamics interface. Eledath says: “Our first task after we migrated our customer data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM was to remove all duplicate records. When an employee opens a new account for a previous customer, that customer’s existing records are updated instead of a new one being created.”

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, any contact with the bank—from communication with the contact centre, to transactions at a cash machine—is automatically logged in the system. “When a customer rings up with a query, agents have access to that person’s complete history,” says Eledath.

The bank is using business process automation to ensure adherence to Shari’a principles. Flow is also used as part of the customer enrolment process. “Flow is linked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM,” says Eledath. “Credit policy checks are automated through the system, and the results are fed back into the CRM application.”


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and business process automation, Dubai Bank can resolve customer queries more efficiently, open customer accounts faster, and comply with Islamic banking regulations easily. Eledath says that customer satisfaction has increased since the solution was deployed.  

  • Contact centre agents use one application instead of eight. Contact centre agents can now provide a much better service to customers. Eledath says: “If a customer contacts us with a query, the agent can resolve it quickly and accurately. Customers don’t have to repeat information because all interaction with the bank is logged, so whatever the request or contact channel, they get a cohesive service.”
  • Customer accounts are opened significantly faster. “Employees are much more efficient because they only need to use one application when setting up accounts, and processes take less time. As a result, customers can start using their accounts quickly,” says Eledath.
  • Compliance with Islamic banking regulations is simplified. Workflows and group policies are now automatically applied. “We can be sure that documentation and processes are compliant with Shari’a principles at every step,” says Eledath.
  • Dubai Bank achieves greater understanding of customers. With all its data in one place, the organisation can analyse its customer information thoroughly. This makes it easier for the bank to identify cross-sell opportunities. “If we launch a new product, we can find the customers that are best suited to it, and promote the product to them,” says Eledath.
  • Customer satisfaction increases. “Customers are much happier, and the bank’s reputation has improved,” says Eledath. In 2009, Ethos Consultancy named Dubai Bank as the best Islamic bank in the UAE. And, in the Ethos rankings of best overall bank in the UAE, the company moved from 21st place in 2008 to second place in 2009. “Microsoft Dynamics CRM has played a significant role in improving our service,” says Eledath.

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Document published March 2010 
Customer Size: Medium Organization
Industry: Financial Services
Country or Region: United Arab Emirates
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
Organization Profile:

Established in 2002, Dubai Bank is a Shari’a-compliant financial institution providing corporate and retail banking, and investment services to businesses and citizens in the United Arab Emirates.

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