What to do if WLAN issues with certain access points when using 802.11n mode?

When connecting Nokia mobile device (e.g. N8-00) to a WLAN access point using the IEEE 802.11n mode, connectivity issues have been observed with access points from certain vendors. Problems have been observed with at least the following WLAN products:

  • FritzBox 7270
  • Livebox 2
  • BT HomeHub V2.0 Type B
  • Netgear DGN1000

The issue is related to a WLAN chip used in these access points. To solve the problems, it is recommended to upgrade the access point firmware to the latest version.

If there is no firmware update available or the update doesn't help, the workaround is to disable the 802.11n mode and force the access points to use just the 802.11b/g mode.