How can I prolong the battery life of my Nokia phone (Series 40)?

Switch off connectivity options that you do not use (depending on your phone model):

  1. Select Settings > ConnectivityBluetooth > Bluetooth Off.
  2. Select Settings > Connectivity > Packet dataPacket data conn. > When needed.
  3. Select Settings > Device > Network mode > GSM.
  4. Select Settings > Connectivity > WLAN > WLAN search Off.

Change the frequency of certain events:

  1. Change your mail settings to retrieve mail items less frequently.
  2. Set your phone screen to switch off after a shorter time, select Settings > Lights > Backlight timeout.

Other tips:

  1. Reduce screen brightness, select Settings > Lights > Backlight > Backlight intensity.
  2. Switch off the vibrate function, select Settings > Tones > Vibrating alert.
  3. Do not use animated pictures or videos for your phone background.
  4. Always charge the battery fully and switch off your phone when you are not using it.

If the battery keeps draining fast:

  1. Remove the battery, put it back into the phone and switch your phone on.
  2. The battery may be wearing out and require replacing.