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Counterfeit Software Report
Microsoft is committed to helping customers who were inadvertently sold counterfeit Microsoft software, or suspect counterfeit. Please tell us about your experience.

What information is collected?

Within this report, you will be asked for information about the suspect counterfeit software you are reporting, including details about where it was purchased or offered and some optional personal information.

What does Microsoft do with the information collected?

We will use the information you provide to investigate and may take appropriate action against businesses who sell counterfeit software. We may contact you about your submission to follow up on specific details; however, we will not contact you for general marketing purposes.

Microsoft is committed to helping our customers and to protecting your privacy. You may read the Microsoft Privacy Statement if you would like more information on how we protect customer information.

Product Category and Title

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Product field is required.
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Contact Information

We encourage you to submit your personal information so that we may follow up with you regarding details within your report. However, you may opt not to provide personal information.

Would you like to submit your contact information to Microsoft?

Personal Contact Information

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Software Information ({#dynamic_value#})

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Was this copy of {#dynamic_value#} pre-installed on your PC? *

If you are a system builder, please enter your MSPP (or similar) ID

Did you receive a {#dynamic_value#} CD or DVD with the purchase? *

If yes, was it a hologram CD or DVD? *

Did you purchase this software as an electronic download? *

Did you receive a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) label with the purchase?

Was the COA affixed to the outside of your PC case?

Did you ask whether the software you purchased is genuine? *

Did the seller tell you that the software you purchased was genuine? *

What is the product key? *

What was the approximate price of the software (or the PC with software pre-installed)?

When did you purchase the software (or the PC with software pre-installed)? *

Select date

Please describe why you believe this software is counterfeit:

Method of Purchase

* Indicates a required field.

Select the method by which you acquired {#dynamic_value#}*

Seller's Information

Review and Submit

The information you have entered has not yet been submitted to Microsoft. Please review the information below for accuracy. You may go back and edit each section. When you are done reviewing and/ or editing, click Submit to send the form to Microsoft.

Contact Information

Note: The address below may be used for correspondence/ shipping.

Software Information

Method of Purchase

Seller's Information

Thank you for submitting your counterfeit report

Please print the report and mail it along with the items requested below. Items submitted to Microsoft will not be returned. After we receive the information, if you have inadvertently purchased Microsoft Office software that is counterfeit, we will send you a complimentary replacement.

IMPORTANT: You must print a copy of the online counterfeit report that you completed. Your confirmation number is . Please save your confirmation number and use it for all communication with Microsoft.

To qualify for a kit follow the steps below:

  1. A printed copy of the online counterfeit report (see above)
  2. The counterfeit CD or DVD you purchased or received with your computer along with any additional software packaging
  3. The 5x5 product key, if this was requested when submitting your counterfeit report
  4. The original purchase receipt of the software or computer, including the date of purchase and the name and address of the seller
  5. Mail the printed report and documentation to the following address:

An export document may be required when shipping the required documentation to a Microsoft office outside of your country. Please consult with your local post office or courier website on how to complete the required export document.

We recommend that you use a traceable shipping method, such as certified mail or a courier service, when submitting your order. This will minimize the risk of lost package during shipment, and ensure that your order reaches our processing center.

You can check the status of your request online at any time.{0}

You should expect to receive an email from us within 1 business day.

Thank you for submitting your counterfeit report

We appreciate your effort to report the sale of counterfeit software and will look into this matter as quickly as we can.

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