Using a mobile device with internal GPS receiver, please have a look into the manual of your mobile device on how to get the best GPS performance from the internal GPS receiver.

Using an external GPS receiver (for example connected via Bluetooth technology), please press 0 on the numeric keypad of your mobile device to connect to the GPS receiver. This functionality is only available in Nokia Maps for Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition mobile devices, for example, Nokia N95. When using Nokia Maps on a Nokia N70 or any other Symbian Series 60 2nd Edition mobile device, your current position on the map is shown as soon as the connected GPS receiver has located your current position.

If Bluetooth is not switched on already, you will first be asked whether you want to switch on Bluetooth. Your mobile device will then start searching for devices available via Bluetooth technology in your surrounding area. From the result list displayed, choose the correct entry to connect to your external GPS receiver.

You may be asked for a pass code to connect to your GPS receiver. Although this pass code is “0000” in most cases, please have a look into the manual of your GPS receiver to find out what the correct pass code is.

It may take a few minutes for the GPS to track you and for your position to be shown on the map. Remember you need a GPS connection to show your current position.