Nokia Devices and Services has been acquired by Microsoft. We want to reassure you that the people behind Nokia Care are still here and our support to contact centers and the repair channel will continue, as will our commitment to support our customers and consumers.

Nokia Devices and Services business provides opportunity for Microsoft to bring value to hundreds of millions of people, and provides opportunity to bring Windows smartphone benefits to millions of new customers at home, at work and everywhere in between. We will continue to build the mobile phones you’ve come to love, while investing in the future – new phones and services that combine the best of Microsoft and the best of Nokia.

Key points

Nokia Devices and Services has been acquired by Microsoft, but your warranty continues as normal. Microsoft will honor any existing Nokia manufacturer’s warranty, where applicable.

We’re as committed as ever to maintaining world-class customer service. For the time being, you can still get all the help and support you need for your Lumia, Asha and Nokia devices from the usual places: online, Contact Centers and Care Points.


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