If you have been trying to open an email or reply to/forward an email from your Nokia Mail account before synchronizing your account, then the Mail application can stop responding. If this happens, please do the following:

1. Set the phone to offline mode2. Remove your Nokia Mail mailbox from the device by performing the following steps: Go to Mail and select Settings, press and hold Nokia Mail mailbox, and choose Delete Mailbox.3. Turn the phone off4. Turn the phone back on5. Set phone back to online mode6. Re-create your Nokia Mailbox by performing the following steps: Go to Mail, select New MailboxNokia Mail and sign back into Nokia Mail.

 Don’t worry, this process does not delete your emails, it just resets your mailbox. 

This topic is valid for:

Nokia Lumia 900,Nokia Lumia 800,Nokia C6,Nokia E73,Nokia E7,Nokia E6,Nokia N900,Nokia X2-01,Nokia 808 PureView,Nokia 700,Nokia 5310,Nokia 1616