We are enabling syncing of contacts between Nokia Sync and Nokia Mail contacts.

If you have a Nokia phone (S40 or Symbian) with Nokia Sync enabled and a Nokia Mail account, you can sync your contacts between your device phonebook and Nokia Mail contacts. As a result of this, you can use Nokia Mail's powerful contacts editing/exporting/importing features from www.nokiamail.com .

How do I sign up for this?

Having enabled Nokia Sync on your Nokia S40 or Symbian device, Sign in to Nokia Mail from www.nokiamail.com and you would have enabled this feature. A simple sign-in to Nokia Mail from desktop web or mobile web is sufficient to enable this linking.

Is this feature available on Windows Phone?

Not yet, but in the future.

Why did I receive user communication on this topic?

We are enabling the syncing of contacts between Nokia Sync and Nokia Mail backends and so we sent out user communication in this regard.

Why did I receive an email from Yahoo after I enabled this feature?

You will receive an email from Yahoo informing you that you have linked your Yahoo account with Nokia Sync. This is a normal behavior as a result of this linking of contacts backends.

This feature is not working for me. Why?

It could be because your Date of Birth is not set in your Nokia Account. Go to https://account.nokia.com, log in and check your settings in the about me area. You have to have a valid DOB set for this feature to work. Then, make sure that Nokia Sync is enabled on your device.

Also, sign in at least one time from that web at http://www.nokiamail.com.