Green manufacturing with a strong community involvement

We manufacture our phones primarily in our own factories located all over the world and apply the highest standards to ensure safe and supportive labor conditions. Proximity to suppliers and partners also brings environmental benefits. In part, this means minimizing any negative environmental and social impact the facility may have - for example, by reducing its energy consumption or ensuring materials are ethically sourced. But it also means maximizing the positive impact our presence can have on the local community - from providing rewarding employment opportunities to supporting worthy causes, such as schools or hospitals.

1. Brazil - Manaus

Established: 1998

Microsoft in the heart of Amazon forest
In the heart of the Amazon forest in the city of Manaus, producing smartphones and Xbox for the Brazilian market, our facility helps to develop the economy and society of Amazonas in a sustainable way, by respecting the environment, investing in the education and providing professional development opportunities for the local citizens.

Microsoft Manaus factory has strong focus in social responsibility and supports education programs through a Foundation that has already graduated over 2.500 students in professional High School courses (technical education in Electronics, Mechatronics, Telecom and IT). The plant was awarded with the Quality at Work Award, in two different categories: organizational culture and people management.

2. China - Beijing

Established: 1995

3. China - Dongguan

Established: 1995

4. Mexico - Reynosa

Established: 1996

Community minded
There is a strong sense of community at Reynosa. Around 98% of the workforce comes from the area and the facility actively supports the local university, schools, orphanages and shelters. Situated just a few miles from the US border, Reynosa delivers smartphones to North, Central and South America.

5. Vietnam - Hanoi

Established: 2013

Watch this space
We opened our newest manufacturing facility in 2013.  Construction of the new facility in Hanoi started in 2012 and the first mobile phones were shipped to the markets in mid-2013. The facility introduces advanced technology and environment-friendly practices through solar-powered features, water-saving devices, recycling and waste management systems, sustainable transport, and an energy-saving work environment.

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