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At Microsoft we are continuously improving the energy-saving features throughout our product portfolio, including energy-efficient chargers, to help our customers save energy. Additionally, already in 2007, Nokia mobile phones had an alert to remind people to unplug their chargers once their phones were fully charged. With over a billion people using Nokia phones around the world, small steps like these make a really big difference.

All our devices come with power saving standby settings, and our Lumia smartphones have a battery-saving feature. Browsing the internet and making video calls is more energy-efficient with a mobile device, compared to a laptop or desktop computer.

Check out some simple tips to reduce the energy your handset uses.


We have also introduced applications, features and technologies such as ambient light detector, efficient Snapdragon™ processor, OLED or AMOLED displays, to save energy.

Choose a smarter charger

To help you choose the most energy efficient charger, we’ve joined forces with handset manufacturers to create a common energy rating system.
We rate each charger according to how much energy it uses when it’s left plugged in to the mains (the so-called ‘no-load mode’). This makes it easy to choose the most efficient charger.


Five stars is the most efficient, while zero star chargers use the most energy in no-load mode (when they’re plugged in and fully charged).

Power ratings for our chargers

Check out the ratings for all our chargers.


Nokia’s most energy efficient chargers earn a five star rating. The label looks like this:


Between 2000 and 2009, the average no-load power consumption of Nokia chargers was reduced by over 80%, and best-in-class chargers by over 95%. With the recent introduction of more 5 and 4 star chargers, the current figures are even more impressive.

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