Live life in the Fastlane

New Nokia Asha Fastlane

Swipe to the stuff you love. Tap to share instantly. Pull down to see what’s new. All with Asha’s new homescreen.

Make history

Jump back in time with a single touch. Fastlane remembers all your recent activity on your Asha – from text messages to the last track you played, it’s all saved for you to scroll back through.

That means your favourite contacts, recent pictures, videos and all the apps you can’t live without are waiting for you in one place. There’s no digging back through your phone looking for the cool stuff. Your past’s backed up.

Your time is now

Share the good times instantly with Fastlane. Swipe on over, hit ‘What’s on your mind?’ and let the world know what’s going on with an update sent straight to Facebook and Twitter.

It also lets you control what’s going down on your Asha right now. Cue up a track in the music player, then let it run in the background as you jump between other active apps, send messages and check your updates. It’s all there, at a glance.

What’s next?

Forget crystal balls. Your future’s always clear with Fastlane. Just pull down to see the next adventure stored in your calendar – it’s got all the details you need to get where you’re going. Then get back to living in the moment without the hassle of digging out dates and times from saved events.

Hand-picked by you

Customise your Fastlane by choosing the things you would like to see and simply hiding the rest. Fill your Fastlane with all your favourite social apps so you can get back to the conversation even quicker.

Instant picture power

Get the fast track to capturing all your moments. Just one swipe up on the lock screen of your Nokia Asha, and you've got instant access to the camera. Tap anywhere on the screen to grab your photo, and then share the fun with just one touch to Facebook – and watch the likes and comments come in on your Fastlane. Quick. Easy. Lots of fun.


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